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WHA73 Item Alerts

1. World Health Assembly considers compromise resolution on COVID-19 (15 May 2020)

EB146 Item Reports 

24. Notes of EB146 debate (and resolutions and decisions) now available through PHM's WHO Tracker (13 Feb 2020)

EB146 Item Alerts

11. Upwards harmonisation of food standards a risk to community nutrition and food sovereignty (7 Jan 2020)

12. WHO mulls high level declaration on NCDs (7 Jan 2020)

13. WHO needs to go beyond mass drug administration in addressing neglected tropical diseases (7 Jan 2020)

14. WHO to consider new operational framework for primary health care (26 Jan 2020)

15. Special Program on PHC of 'central importance' for achieving universal health coverage, Executive Board told (27 Jan 2020)

16. WHO looking to develop a new vaccine action plan. Experts advise on lessons learned after disappointing outcomes from Global Vaccine Action Plan 2011-2020 (27 Jan 2020)

17. WHO proposes concerted action on cervical cancer. (But more attention needed in adapting HPV vaccination, screening and treatment to LMIC settings) (28 Jan 2020)

18. WHO action on access to medicines bogged down in diplomatic wrestling: Needs-driven R&D and medicines affordability stalled in the interests of Pharma profits (29 Jan 2020)

19. Cholera: neglected disease of poverty. PHM: cholera incidence an indicator of the crisis of neoliberal globalisation (29 Jan 2020)

20. Executive Board to review barriers to controlling TB epidemic and considers new strategy to drive research and development for TB (29 Jan 2020)

21. WHO prepares to launch a Decade of Healthy Ageing but key issues still need attention (30 Jan 2020)

22. WHO struggles to make sense of "digital health". Send new (non-strategic) strategy back to the drawing board! (30 Jan 2020)

23. World falling behind in global nutrition targets. WHO tries valiantly to hold member states accountable for their nutrition commitments (but refuses a political economy analysis of food systems) (31 Jan 2020)

WHA72 Updater Reports

1. WHO adopts budget for 2020-2021 (27 May 2019)

2. WHA reviews arrangements for public health emergencies in the light of the DRC Ebola experience (28 May 2019)

3. Low income countries face cut back in international assistance as polio campaign looks towards winding down (8 June 2019)

4. Progress stalls on health-related Sustainable Development Goals (10 June 2019)

5. Conflict over sexual and reproductive health rights complicates World Health Assembly consideration of women's and children's health (11 June 2019)

6. WHA commissions 'operational framework' for strengthening primary health care: transforming vision into action (14 June 2019)

7. New WHO Guideline on community health workers welcomed at WHA72 (24 June 2019)

8. WHO member states determined to avoid accountability for action on refugee and migrant health (28 July 2019)

9. WHO adopts global strategy on health, environment and climate change (and a plan of action for small island developing states) (1 August 2019)

10. WHO adopts Roadmap on Access to Medicines and resolves to promote pharma market transparency (9 August 2019)