NCDs at WHO: a Chronology


WHO’s Global Strategy for the Prevention and Control of NCDs was first presented in A53/14 in May 2000 and was endorsed in resolution A53.17.  

In May 2008 the Assembly (in A61.14) endorsed the Action Plan for the Global Strategy (for 2008 - 2013).  Progress in implementation was reported to WHA63 in 2010 in A63/12

The first UN HLM on NCDs was held in September 2011 and adopted the Political Declaration on NCDs.  This declaration called upon WHO to develop a comprehensive global monitoring framework and a set of voluntary global targets.  

In A66.10 (May 2013) the Assembly endorsed the global action plan on NCDs (for 2013 - 2020) and adopted the global monitoring framework and the nine voluntary global targets.  A66.10 also requested the Secretariat to develop terms of reference for a global coordinating mechanism and to propose an update of Appendix 3 of the global action plan.  See PHM-MMI intervention in the discussion of this item.