WHA73 Abridged


This page refers to the online abridged meeting of WHA73 scheduled for 18 May 2020. See WHA73 Resumed for agenda and documents for the resumed WHA73 scheduled for later in 2020

The first version of the provisional agenda was published on 6 April (A73/1) and a limited number of the Secretariat documents referenced have now been published.

A revised (and 'abridged) version of the provisional agenda (A73/1 Add.1) was published on 29 April with only one document referenced, namely A73/3, the Address by the DG (and as of 18 May, that document has not been published). 

The footnotes to A73/3 Add.1 advise that the Assembly will meet on line, using video conferencing technology, and will consider only the abridged version of the Provisional agenda, listed below. See A73/33 for the special procedures to be adopted for the de minimis abridged meeting.

The Committees of the Health Assembly will not convene.

Under item 9, Closure, Member States will be invited to consider suspending the Health Assembly until it can meet in a resumed session later in 2020. The agenda for that later meeting will be based on the provisional agenda published as A73/1